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HW44 PCP Pistol with Regulator

Caliber: 4.5 FAC Version 

Velocity: 230m/s (18J)

No. of Shots: x20

Max Pressure: 200 bar

HW45 Spring Pistol 

One of the most powerful Spring Pistols. 

Two Stage Power Setting, Adjustable Trigger and Adjustable Rear Sights

  • Total Length: 337mm

  • Barrel Length:  247mm

  • Weight: 1.3kg

  • Energy: 14J @ 8.44gr. 



HW 80 SL

Most powerful springer from Weihrauch. Highly accurate, the "work horse" as it's nicknamed 

Length 1150mm

  • Barrel Length: 500mm

  • Weight: 4Kg 

  • M/S: 24J @ 8.44gr

*Scope & Stabiliser against extra Charge



HW 95 Deluxe

Highly Reliable and accurate Break Barrel from Weihrauch.  Suitable for all type of Shooters 

  • Length 1075mm

  • Barrel Length: 410mm

  • Weight: 3.4Kg 

  • Power: 19J @8.44gr 

*Scope against extra Charge


 HW77  Under Lever Action

The most exciting Underlever Spring rifle with fixed barrel, provides maximum power and accuracy, Ideal for long distance shooters. 

  • Total Length 1120mm

  • Barrel Length 470mm

  • Weight ~4kg. Unscoped

  • Power: 19J @ 8.44gr.

*Scoper against extra charge


 HW97K   Black Line

Tactical Design, Smooth Cocking, Easy Shooting. 

The best air rifle for Field Target.

  • Total Length 1120mm

  • Barrel Length 300mm

  • Weight ~4,2kg. Unscoped

  • Power: 19J @ 8.44gr.

*Scoper against extra charge



Weihrauch HW100T FAC 4.5mm (.177)

  • Vibration free shot

  • 2 Magazines included -14 shots each

  • Pressure gauge with quick fill probe.

  • Two stage Adj. trigger and manual safety

  • Moderator Included

  • 60cm Barrel.

  • ~4Kg without Scope, Well Balanced 

  • 23 FT/Lbs (31J) FAC Version Only

  • 4 Stocks Available 

*Scope against extra charge



Weihrauch HW100 Stabiliser 

For Caliber: 4.5mm - 5.5mm

Weihrauch XL Stabiliser 

For Caliber: 4.5mm - 5.5mm

Recommended Power: >35J

Moderator-XL-und-XL-K (1).jpg
Weihrauch Prices do not include Scopes, Mounts and Registration Fees unless stated otherwise
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