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Jefferson State Air Rifles USA

JSAR - Raptor Air Rifle

The new light weight monster from JSAR, The Raptor.

The Air Rifle has an upper and lower rail for scope and accessories. The Stock is fully adjustable in LOP and height. Standard ERGO grips with AR-15 style safety.


Short & fast sidelever action with a 55.8cm Lothar Walther barrel in Slug line, fully shrouded, harmonic dampener and external sound moderator. 

The Air rifles comes with a 500cc carbon fibre bottle with two gauges displaying cylinder pressure and regulated pressure. Operating pressure is 300 Bar.

The trigger its a 2 stage system with 4 adjustment screws for maximum refinement, 3 magazines are included 16 shots each, 3 magazines can be stored in total above the picatinny rail mag.


  • Caliber: 4.5mm (.177)

  • Overall Length 104cm

  • Barrel: Lothar Walther Slug Line, Tensioned with harmonic dampener 

  • Barrel Length: 56cm

  • Interchangeable Barrels

  • Externally Adjustable Regulator 

  • Fill Pressure 300 Bar 

  • 500cc Carbon Fibre Bottle 

  • 2 Stage 4 Way Adjustable Trigger

  • Shrouded Barrel with Air Stripper 

  • 1/2-20 or M14 Moderator Adaptor

  • Built in Power Adjuster 

  • ERGO Grips

  • Adjustable Stock in LOP and Height 

  • DunnoFL Sumo Moderator

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