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Benelli 828U Sporting O&U Shotgun

The new Benelli 828U Sporting Over & Under Shotgun. The New 828U uses the revolutionary lock plate to seal the Barrel monoblock and the action together. The weight of the 828U is approximately 3650g, and the patented adjustable Progressive Balancing System means the shooter can adjust the center of gravity. The shotgun uses the Perfect Fitting technology to adjust the cast of the stock making it a comfortable ergonomic Shotgun.

The 828U Sporting is developed with the latest technology for the best ballistic performance, Barrels and chokes are cryogenically treated for strengrth and endurance with matte finish and a 10mm wide carbon fibre. The Trigger is removable, light and crisped 

The New shotgun will be available end of 2018 with 30" Barrels in very limited numbers 


  • 12 Gauge 

  • Stock fitted with the Progressive Balancing and Perfect Fitting

  • Chamber 3" Magnum

  • Receiver is Blued steel with anti-glare matte Finish 

  • Stock LOP 375mm

  • Weight ~3650

  • Manual Safety

  • White Sporting Sight

  • Carbon Fibre 10mm Rib 

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